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E-Certificate Course
"The course material I received was excellent and I found myself wanting to research more about the topics . His feedback was excellent I learnt so much from him. I would definitely recommend Home learning, working at your own place and gaining knowledge as well as receiving a qualification at the end of it."
SanchariChakraborty, Kolkata
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will consider another one soon. I must also add that the prompt replies and positive feedback was exceptional and very motivating."
Tripti  Sharma, Meerut
"I have now completed my course in SKIN CARE PREPARATIONS  and I wish to thank you for all your assistance which enabled me to complete this course successfully.  I would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!"
TejiPanesar, Ludhiana
"I was exceptionally pleased with the content . I was most pleased that all of the modules arrived together and not individually as this allowed me to be able to read ahead and get an overall feel for what I was doing."
Vinod Kumar Shrivastava, Patna
"I have just received my certificate for the completion of my HAIR CARE PREPARATIONS course, and I am writing to say thank you for such a professionally led course. Very enjoyable and which also made it a pleasure to learn!  Thank you."
PrateekBhatnagar , Pune
"I would just like to say I have enjoyed this course and believe I have learnt a lot from this and will hopefully use this in my desired career. The course is well documented and I have been given full support and guidance through this and would recommend to others."
Waheedulla Khan, Dubai (UAE)
Certified course in cosmetic technology
certificate course in cosmetics

InMc runs short-term correspondence and practical training courses in cosmetic technology to help everyone associated with the cosmetic industry and those who wish to make a career in it. It is a great way to get started with a new hobby for pleasure without much need for further committment. The Institute is currently running the following courses in cosmetic technology:


Of three months' duration, the course provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of cosmetics preparations. The course is divided into two parts.

PART I: The first part contains study material and provides necessary theoretical knowledge on the cosmetic preparations.

PART II:The second part, "Make Cosmetics Yourself" is a practical, home-training kit which helps carry out practical exercises at home and learning the art of cosmetic preparations without attending regular practical classes at the institute. (except C.Cosmetech - MICROBIAL ANALYSIS & CONTROL OF COSMETICS PRODUCTS; C.Cosmetech - COSMETICS RETAIL ADVISOR)

Course Fee: INR 3000 or USD 150   
Both Course Fees: INR 5000 or USD 250    

Prospects & advantages

Creating your own body care products saves you a lot of money. After having acquired a stock of basic ingredients for little money, you will be able to create many different products enough for several months. On average, a self-made product cost you 2 to 3 times less than a commercial product of a similar quality.

You don't need to buy special equipments, such as laboratory equipments or other expensive materials. What you need are simple kitchen utensils including measuring spoons and cups, a blender or hand mixer and some glass containers for mixing. To store the final products, plastic containers are very useful (e.g. used commercial cosmetic containers).

Many botanical ingredients are readily available at your drug or health store (e.g. vitamins, plant distillates, plant oils, essential oils and certain plant extracts). For special botanical ingredients you may check companies specializing in herbs. Surfactants (cleansing agents), emulsifiers, vitamins, sunscreens, proteins, lipids, sugars and preservatives are available with general chemical store. To buy small packs of chemicals or herbs click here

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Education kits
education kits This kit is a novel way to learn cosmetic preparation at home without attending any training courses. These educational kits contain an instruction manual and all the ingredients required to make 200gms of a cosmetic item. You must have to go through the instruction manual and carry out the experiment as per the instructions given in the manual. The kits are available for the following cosmetic products.
  • Hair conditioner
  • Hair gel
  • Hair grooming cream
  • Hair oil
  • Hair tonic
  • Shampoo antidandruff
  • Shampoo baby
  • Shampoo clear
  • Shampoo pearly
  • All purpose cream
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Apricot scrub
  • Baby oil
  • Cleansing cream
  • Cold cream
  • Face wash
  • Moisturizer
  • Skin toner
  • Vanishing cream

Please note that the kit provided in the last assignment of the study material will be for only one cosmetic product of your choice. If you want kits of other cosmetic product, you can

Price: INR 1000 or USD 40
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Frequently Asked Questions

E-Certificate Course

InMc also offers these courses by email. You can dowload your study material in PDF format. Please note that "MAKE COSMETICS YOURSELF" is not the part of electronic course.

Course Fee: INR 1000 or USD 25
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